Saturday, August 19, 2006

Howdy Folks!!

Howdy strangers. I haven’t been around for a while between the move, the forgetting the pc in NC until my hubby moved up two weeks after I arrived, unpacking, having to return to the 9-5 grind and having family around us again things have been busy to say the least.

We are finally unpacked and nearly all put away. What is left is in a holding pattern as we modify various rooms to fit the stuff we have. John has been working his cute little butt off every day since he drove up to his surprise welcoming party on the 8th. His dad, mom and I all had huge signs in the yards welcoming home our proud Marine. We also had my yard all decorated with flags and red, white, and blue decorations.

The house was 85% unpacked upon arrival with hopes of relaxing for John. But being the person that can’t sit still when there are things undone he jumped in the next morning and started doing what I shouldn’t like building or hanging shelves or adding reinforcements to various things. He even added an electrical outlet to my office so that I am not connected to a industrial extension cord that ran along the floor to the other side of the room. Next he is going to be building me shelves for the office so I can put the last of the boxes away and organize the supplies, books and papers. And since the room is doubling as the sewing and craft room I can organize my scrap booking and sewing stuff too.

Also, John is adding an outlet to the bathroom. Not sure why but there isn’t one in there. Now how is a girl to blow dry her hair with out an outlet?? So, he is looking into what he needs to do to have it in there. He is a freaking genius when it comes to that stuff.

We are also getting re-acquainted with John’s family and I have to admit I am loving every minute of it. I was worried that I might get into one of my typical feeling smothered phase but not this time. I think alot of it has to be because of my own mindset. Between the years of therapy and the reading I have been doing I truly appreciate that so many people really care about me and my family.

I have been attending church with them as well as getting to know my sister-in-law better then ever. She is someone I always admired but she has truly become one of my best friends. Our kidos love each other and play so well together it is scary sometimes. The only time the two of them fight is when they are tired, otherwise it is just pure giggles and good times.

John and I have had the family over or been to there house nearly everyday and I love it. Instead of feeling alone I feel supported and part of something much bigger and it is great!
I did find a job but after 4 very long and stressful days I decided to walk away. I was in an ethical quandary and as a medical assistant that plays a big part in your job. I walked away before I would have been drawn into a bad situation. But at least I left on good terms.

John is still looking for a job and now I am again. But this time I am not going to start until the 29th after Johnathan starts school so I don’t have to miss out on everything like the open houses and teachers meetings and even that first bus ride to school. *Sigh* he is growing up way to fast.

Erik and Mandy are back from Florida and this weekend is the first of the new visitation which is every other weekend and various holidays and the summer still isn’t clear but it will be something like every other week or something. I am just happy that I can be a part of their lives with more regularity living close by.

Well, I have to get to some homework and head to bed. Gabrielle is spending the night so I have a houseful of kids and in the morning we are going to breakfast with the family. I will be posting some articles and other fun stuff this weekend as I can. Also, sometime in the next few weeks I will have a bit of an announcement (I hope) I am just waiting on the confirmation before making it….
Until later!

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