Friday, September 15, 2006

Forgotten Fall

After living south of the Mason-Dixon Line for the second time in my life, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about it. Lying in bed watching the curtains dance in and out before me I realized I had forgotten how delicious the start of fall felt.

In the South there are two seasons—hot and hotter, but in Northeastern Ohio, we are blessed with four, beautiful in their own way, seasons. And by far fall was mine.

Right now the night air becomes crisp as the leaves begin their magical transformation from deep greens to hues of gold, red and orange.

The days have begun to shorten as we head toward winter. This shorter day is filled with autumn’s activities such as pumpkin patches, football games and hayrides. Coming soon are class parties, ‘trick or treat’ and the warm, inviting smells of cookies and pies baking in the kitchen.

Sitting by the fire at night is more enjoyable because the cold weather has driven off the pesky night biting bugs and brought your loved ones closer.

At night I have added an extra blanket on all of our beds. I pull mine up to my nose as I snuggle up close to the love of my life. He is always warmer then me so snuggling this time of year is the best of the best.

I am forever grateful that God has given me such a beautiful season to enjoy—and enjoy I will my forgotten fall.

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