Monday, June 25, 2007

Reader, reading...

After returning from the library and not only picking up my giant stack of requested books but writing for about an hour, I came home to look at all I picked up.

I got two books for pure enjoyment reading. "one more day," by Mitch Albom & "Anna karenina" by Tolstoy. I loved "Tuesdays with Morrie" so I am sure I will like this one. It is a rather tiny book, great for putting away in one sitting. I picked up Tolstoy because everyone won't shut up about it being a great book. Always up for a reading challange I got the 838(in tiny print no less) book to conquer. I am giving myself a month. I read to fall asleep at night (unless the book is so good I stay up all night until I finish it like Jen Lancasters "Bitter is the new black") and again during my lunch breaks. I tote a book around nearly every where I go like the grocer, doctor etc. It kills time as I increase my braincells. Kinda a two for one special.

I used to write reviews, that sucked. At least the way I to do them. We were handed stacks of books by both unknown and known authors and more times then not the books sucked. I got to where I dreaded reading anything because I had to read inorder to review, then to make matters worse, even if they sucked I had to say something nice about them. It was a nightmare so from now on I only review what I want and when I want, same thing for reading.

In the rest of the stack are books to show to my manager for our group of kids we are mentoring. I did some research and wanted to put together a bunch of books that are ACT, math, confidence, etc to review with her as possible tools for our program.

Ok well I am off to do my pre-bed reading. I will let you know how it goes and if "one more day" is indeed as good as "morrie" was.

Until tomorrow!

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