Thursday, July 5, 2007

36 Resolutions for my 36th year

Now that I am officially 36 and since my first year began on my birthday, I have decided to do a list of resolutions. Now, more then ever, I feel a change in perspective and in my life I see things for improvement so I am going to make (and hopefully keep to) these resolutions.
36. Accept that some people won't change and to stop trying to make them.
35. To love more and hate less.
34. To dance more even if someone is watching.
33. Sing more and more then in the shower and car
32. To stop sweating the small stuff and most of it is actually small stuff
31. To stop trying to control the course of fate
30. To give more hugs to everyone
29. To smile more often, even if I am having a crappy day
28. To start the day off meditating
27. To end the day meditating
26. To express how grateful I am for the blessings in my life
25. To show the people I love just how much I love them
24. To treat everyday as if it were my last
23. To live life to its fullest and not let lack of money, stress or other distractions deter me from doing so.
22. To write every day
21. To submit said writings to publications so I can live my dream
20. To do my best in my school work so that I can finish achieving my dream of a Bachelors Degree
19. To let bygones be bygones
18. To stop living for yesterday and live to today
17. To dream bigger, in dreams we are only limited by our imaginations not our pocketbooks
16. To laugh more
15. To stop and smell the roses, coffee, smell of my son when he snuggles next to me after a bath
14. To stop trying to be something or someone I am not. The people who matter most love me for who I am
13. To stop trying to hold on to things that don't matter and hold tighter to those that do.
12. To be proud of my accomplishments
11. To learn to be confident in my own skin regardless of my weight, hair color or outfit
10. To give more then I receive
9. To cherish the moments I have instead of living for the moments I can't get back
8. To show the people I love that I do indeed love them more then words can say
7. To make sure my friends know just how lucky I am to have them in my life
6. To be grateful for the things I have and stop living for the things I don't have
5. To plan a dream vacation and make arrangements for it to come true
4. To take lots of pictures and share them with the world
3. To be confident in my abilities
2. To love and forgive despite the persons faults and mistakes
1. To never compromise who I am for the sake of someone else.

Now these are not in order by priority because they are all equally important. It is just how they flowed out of my brain and into the keyboard. I (state your name) promise to do these 36 things no matter how the day is, what mood I or others around me are in. I will put all my heart and soul into these things because I am worth it.

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