Monday, September 3, 2007

Ode to my kidneys

As far back as I can remember I have always had problems with my kidneys. As I had children they became over worked and often infected. This caused them to weaken. By the third pregnancy my kidneys began to rebel.

After the very difficult 3rd pregnancy and delivery they really became taxed. I lost a lot of blood during the emergency c-section so they filled me with IV fluids instead of blood to build up my volume. After that nightmare, I began retaining inhuman amounts of water because my kidneys weren't processing it fast enough. I went to the doctor and was told this was "pregnancy weight" and to stop eating start exercising. During my appendix surgery my surgeon said they couldn't believe the amount of fluid in my tissues and they sucked a lot out. It wasn't until I had gotten really sick that I lost 50 lbs finally.

I was doing ok until we moved from Ohio to Slidell, and I sank into a deep depression. I was put on medication that caused an adverse reaction and it caused me to retain 40 lbs of water in 48 hours. I was hospitalized and tested for everything. I had kidney studies done and they said my kidneys were dilated but "inconclusive" I hate that word inconclusive. I was put on fluid restrictions and give diuretics. Even on the max dose I wasn't getting rid of the fluid. We moved on to base housing because I needed to be around people instead of the isolation I was feeling. I spent the next year and a half putting on another 60 lbs. not all water but still I put them on.

Finally made head way on losing some weight and then we transferred to North Carolina. I joined weight watchers and lost 40 lbs. So I know that isn't water. But every time I do any activities my hands and feet swell worse then when I was pregnant. I still am swollen everywhere. I don't sweat like a normal person and I am in the bathroom a thousand times a day and night.

We move back to Ohio and I do a cheer because my doctor who actually listens to me is here, I am sure he can help. He tries, but every test is inconclusive. I get the horrid spasms in my kidneys so they put me on antibiotics for months at a time. I finally started feeling better, until 2 weeks ago.
It began with horrible pains in my upper abdominal area. It got worse as the day went on, and I realized I had kidney stones. I started drinking like the world was coming to an end and I was right I gave birth to five stones in 2 days. I thought it was over.

This Saturday, I started having the pain again, so I started the routine of bottle of water then bottle of cranberry juice every few minutes or so. I noticed that I was bleeding. Great. I call the doctor he says go to the ER. Last time I did this they were inconclusive and I got a $3000 plus bill that I can't pay and still no better. So I choose not to go and I stuffer through the birth of 2 stones and the continuing pain and bleeding.

I am really beginning to think my kidneys hate me. Anytime I find happiness they have to act up and get all rebellious on me. I hate it. I am going to get into m doctor this week and try to go to a specialist. I just hope all my borderline sickness and inconclusive results are enough to get someone's attention to fix me before it is too late.

PS I am accepting donations..... of icecream....

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