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Rewind: 2/12/2006 Article: "Topsail Sense of Style"

I decided to go back and bring back my articles I wrote on fashion. Here is the first one published Feb. 12, 2006 at an news and information website on Topsail Island, NC.

Here is the article:

February 12, 2006

By: Shannon Anicas

A Topsail Sense Of Style Via The Telly?

For years now, even before moving to the Topsail Island area, I have been a fan of Sex and the City and the cast's stories of triumph and tragedy seen through the eyes of four girlfriends in a very trendy Manhattan landscape. I have wanted to be determined like Miranda, optimistic like Charlotte, daring like Samantha and a writer and "fanshionista" like Carrie.

I laughed and cried, but most of all, loved the friendship they shared. They had a no-holds barred approach to their coffee shop discussions. It portrayed women showing you it was ok to say what you wanted, to do what you wanted and, in the end, the only things you need are fabulous friends and a fabulous outfit.

Some saw the show as a man-bashing, over-sexed version of what really goes on in a woman's head. For the naysayer, I think you are way off base. Women are equal to men in jobs and in politics so why not in the bedroom too? Or at least in the discussion of what goes on behind those bedroom doors and in our goody drawers.

I often think of the fifth character on the show as the clothes. From Charlotte's conservative sexy to Samantha's put-it-all-out-there courtier to Miranda's no-nonsense suits to Carrie's quirky and trendsetting attire, the clothes should have their names in the credits with the rest of them. Because of the show, I actually know who Dolce-Gabbana, Fendi, and Manola-Blanik are and, believe me, they are fabulous.

When I lived in New Orleans last year, my girlfriend and I used to like going to Macy's at the Riverwalk and drool over the Prada's and the Jimmi Choo's, being careful not to leave a stain. We pretended that we belonged in this fashion world and lived it up sipping designer coffee. Even with our designer knock-off's, it was so much fun. I really miss her and our outings.

My love of the art of fashion was spawned because of Sex and the City. I started becoming addicted to Vogue, Elle, In Style and any other fashion magazines I could get my hands on. I loved some things and hated others but I always respected them either way. Just because their vision wasn't my dream doesn't mean that they aren't talented and shouldn't deserve respect for their hard work and insight to think outside the box and push the limits of fashion.

This week began fashion week 2 in New York and, again, I am drawn to the webcasts and updates of the latest lines and trends. The pageantry of the whole event is intoxicating, luring you in with sights and sounds beyond your wildest dreams.

Fashion Weeks 2006 will not disappoint.

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