Friday, March 28, 2008

First signs of spring

First signs of spring

Sure some might say that the first signs of spring are the buds on the trees or the tiny green seedlings pushing their way toward the sun. Some might say it is because the fall fashion shows have come and gone, as have the winter clothes from the shopping centers. But to me the first sign of spring is the starting of my Mustangs engine.

We were lucky enough to have a "winter" car so that I wouldn’t have to drive the Mustang and let it sit away from the salty Ohio roads.

Starting up the car, backing out and dreaming of the open road is as soul warming as a sunny day. Call me crazy but it is amazing the feeling of driving my favorite car to work. It is like a vacation for my brain.

We all need one of those—vacations that is…the mustang, however is all mine.

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