Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ode to 2008


Found new family and reconnected with other family. I had an amazing visit with my family in MS & LA and have had the pleasure of getting to know cousins and other relatives that I didn’t even know I had. All are very important to me and I am honored to have all of them in my life now.

Lost my job but gained my health and the ability to go to school. It was unfair in how I was let go and how I was treated before hand, but I have moved on.

I gained some awesome and amazing friends while at UA. I was very nervous about going to a big campus and being around people younger then me that I wouldn’t make friends, but to my surprise I mad a lot of really awesome friends. I loved getting to know everyone and hope to have them in my life for a very long time.

At UA I learned about respect and the value of communication. I am studying Communication so naturally I should learn about communicating, but I have learned more in my not text book portions of school about things like tolerance, acceptance, respect of all opinions, patience, and love of what makes us unique. I learned listening is a lot more fun then talking.

I learned that just because someone sucks the life out of you (my last job) that it is possible to get it back if you work at it and don't give up. I didn't give up and got deans list.

I learned that I am capable of reading over 2000 pgs over 3 wks if it is good reading. I got bit by the twilight bug and read the 4 books. Now I dream of sparkly vampires and hot blooded werewolves protecting me in the night.

I also learned that I want to travel with my next job. I have too much gypsy in my soul to sit still so to satisfy the urge to roam I will incorporate it in to my job search.

I also learned you are as young as you feel, so since I still feel 20 something that is where I’ll stay. I also accept me for me I am what I am and that is all I can be, flaws and all.

For 2009 my goals are:
I will continue the great path of learning I am on,
I will work on all of my relationships to keep them strong,
I will love life each day as it is my last,
I will find the open window even when the door has closed,
I will be patient for not everyone runs at my speed,
I will dance in the rain, play in the snow, and soak up the sun every chance I get.

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