Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Are you a curvy woman or a tall woman, or in my case, both? Have you gone shopping for something stylish and when you try it on it tugs here and there or isn’t long enough to cover your tummy, much less reach to your jeans? I know I hate that I can’t find cute and stylish outfits that can fit my curvy body, but what can you do?

How about start a Revolution? That is just what the amazing Mia Tyler and Victoria Baker-Winfrey did.

Want to be a part of the revolution? Want to be a model? Want cool AFFORDABLE clothes you never thought existed? Please help the REVOLUTION...

Our clothing line is off and running... Well, it’s just outta the gate a little.

.. Its finally happening... We are creating the clothing line you have always wished for.

This line is by us and exclusively for you. You screamed we listened. We want it too. Our goal is to create from scratch the line you and we always wanted but never got. We're talking women sizes 12-28, petite plus, longer tops, great sleeves, quality, AFFORDABILITY. Clothes that will take you from work to the club. If you're tired of not finding clothes you love, we are ready to change that. We're here for YOU. We're not creating this line to pay our bills or generate fake buzz. It's time that you get something back, made specifically for you. Join the revolution For You by Us

Who We Are:

Mia Tyler- has been a plus sized model for the last 10 years, worn every designer from plus to Chanel. Thru the years, nothing has ever been quite right, in the fit or the feel. I've heard from many of you thru the years, your disappointment in the availability of cool trendy affordable plus size fashions. I hear you loud and clear, I'm ready to revolutionize this industry with the help of you and my dear fried Victoria, whom I share this passion.

Victoria Baker-Winfrey - I've been every size from 24 to 12, and no matter which, I've always been frustrated with the options I've had to build a hot wardrobe. To the point where I taught myself how to alter and destroy my own clothes to make them a better fit and design. I'm a busy full time working mom, who doesn’t have the time or money to waste looking for clothing that doesn’t exist. I'm so excited to be part of this revolution in fashion with all of you!

I too am tired of clothes not fitting not only my budget but my body type. So join me in welcoming the next generation of fashion, fashion for real women by real women…


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