Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life in a Northern Town…

Life in a Northern Town…

Well, I have been away a lot longer then I had planned on. That’s how life is to quote a great song by Rascal Flatts “lifes like a novel with the end ripped out…”

Spring semester was crazy busy because of the course load I took. Then I had signed up for summer classes not realizing they: a. started the next week and b. they are insane and not a wise thing to do if you plan on having a life. One smart thing I did do was switch around my custody arrangement to get optimal time with my two older children.

So luckily they arrived just as school was winding down. (note to self: never take summer classes again) Now we have the house full of laughter, love and well “he breathed on me” “she looked at me” ahhhh the sounds of motherhood.

I aptly named this entry life in a Northern Town because it has truly been a long cold winter, then spring this year. On July 1st it was 56˚outside when I got up! I had to wear sweatshirt hoodie thing for the next week while walking to my 8:30 class (second not to self: never take such an early class) which is just wrong wrong wrong!!

I mean come on! It’s July! It should be at least 75˚ right?!? Nope not so much. In fact last night we were able to sit outside at a campfire in my new fire pit (will explain later) with jeans on! And not sweat! What up with dat?

I shouldn’t complain it is beautiful outside right now as I sit and type this. I of course have 10 layers of sunscreen and under a huge umbrella since my newest discovery that have hypersensitivity to sun possible medication induced. Yeah me.

Me who never burns, me who has been confused with Native Americans, Hispanics and at times of great tanness even light skinned African-Americans—now can’t go in the sun for any length of time or I get 2nd Degree Burns (see previous entry and graphic photo of last burn incident) I am the person that would lay on the roof covered in baby oil in my teens…now I have spf 70 and floppy hats….oh well.

I did recently celebrate a birthday in which I refused to admit my real age. I, after all I get the “you don’t look that old” remark all the time on campus. But sadly I have to renew my driver’s licenses and they wouldn’t let me legally change my birthday to say I was 22, or 25, or even 29. Nope, I’m stuck with the big 3-8.

Oh well could be worse…

On a great note it was an awesome birthday! They whole city had a fireworks show for me! Isn’t that the coolest!!! Not for me? Oh well, it was still fun.

I got great gifts including but not limited to a webcam for making vlogs and a portable fire pit! It is so cool because we can move it wherever in the yard or take it with us. It is easy to keep clean and empty ash out of and it makes a pretty sweet sized fire. We have used it at least 3 times a week since I got it. Nothing like finishing off the evening with a cold brew and a hot smore!

Well, I have to go apply another coat of sunscreen and check on the kids because they are being WAAAYYY too quiet!

Watch for my blog about books posting in the next few minutes and uploading of photos later tonight!

Love ya’ll!

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