Thursday, August 6, 2009

A day in the life...August 6, 2009

I'm up & awake way earlier then the last few weeks. I made my self go to bed early last night by not taking a nap yesterday.

Gotta get back in "school" mode. 2 weeks left & it will take me 2 weeks to get back to schedule. I can't wait though.

Gearing up for football season here. New Zips stadium is looking more and more complete and Johnathan has started conditioning for pewee

Feels like fall outside today. It got down to 50 last night. I know right its August but it is Ohio so you know how that goes.

Today's agenda is bowling then reading and watching movies I got from the library. And maybe trying to figure out some ways to make quick cash off stuff in the house.

I took a giant load of clothes of mine and Amanda's to a local store that does the cash for clothes. Wasn't as big of a success as I figured. Thinking eBay will be the best way.

I want to start going through my things. I mean really go through them and get rid of everything I can. Really tired of living in clutter. I will never fit in the clothes I hung on to. Most of which are outta style anyway.

Plus much of it is work clothes for which any job I could get right now would not require because they all come with cute uniforms that match the ascetics of the store.

Ok I need coffee so I'm off to see if the DH ever cleaned his coffee pot. I refuse to drink coffee from the pot, for which I deamed his pot, because he never cleans it & has no problem drinking several day old coffee out of. I begged him to either give me a daily coffee allowance of $2.19 for my coffee or clean the damn pot out with bleach and a bio hazard suit.

Oh sure I'm the wife I should clean it....WRONG....some don't to windows...I don't do coffee pots!

As such is life!

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