Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lofty ideas (addendum)

Lofty ideas (addendum)

When I initially came up with my lofty idea it was a way to see if I was able to disconnect from technology and get back to the root of being human. I wanted to test myself in order to see if I was really present and not just going through the motions of life. I wanted to read more and lurk online less. I wanted to stop sitting numbly on the couch flipping channels until the wee hours only to go to bed, sleep and do it all over again.

But then a few weeks ago, we were lucky and got an opportunity to stay overnight at a bed and breakfast (details and complete story coming soon) in Amish Country. There were no televisions, no phones in the rooms, no signs of the time of day or night. There was palpable peace and serenity. I am glad I brought a book. I finished the last 200 or so pages of Harry Potter 7 that night.

I actually talked to people I had never met before and not via twitter, facebook or another social medium, but in person while sitting in front of a fireplace sipping hot tea. I only check my blackberry once and then I turned it off. For me this is huge.

The biggest thing I realized in our little trip back in time was that you don’t have to be completely cut-off from technology to find peace and that you can have peace and serenity if you chose to. It is not dependant on what you surround yourself with but who you surround yourself with. I can have both worlds, just in moderation.

So as for my lofty idea to cut myself off from modern ages of gadgets, gizmos, and other necessities of today’s lifestyle it’s out. I am going to try this crazy concept of moderation. I am thinking that if I limit my internet surfing/playing to the evenings for say 2 hours and television to the same or less that should still give me lots of time to read and hopefully write more, because I miss both dearly.

I hope to catch up on emails that have substance to them and are more than a passed down chain letter or a quick what’s up. I may even write a letter or two and send them in the old fashioned mail.

I also want to take some time setting some goals. Not just for the New Year, but in 6 month increments for the next 2-5 years and if I get a wild hair I may go for a 10 year track. Now that’s a lofty idea!

So I won’t be totally disconnected this winter break, but I will be limited. If you happen to email, dm/twitter, IM, facebook or myspace me and I don’t respond within an hour (right now it usually 15 min) don’t panic. I’ll be online around 7 p.m.

This is a hard thing to do for me-this setting up boundaries-even ones that are just time allotments. I am a control freak that likes having options so to say I have limits will initially freak me out, but I know in the long run it is a good thing. I need to learn to prioritize and organize my time better which I am hoping will carry over to the next school semester and become a permanent fixture in my life.

Only time will tell!

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