Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A beautiful day

Sometimes we forget just how beautiful our lives are. We rush from place to place, project to project, task to task without noticing the wonderful things around us. We complain about lack of time, lack of freedom, lack of what the “Jones” have; never once stopping to think what a beautiful day it is.

I admit I do this, but as I am growing older and wiser I am stopping more often. I ignore the strange looks I get when I stop along the sidewalk to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, warmth of the sun and occasionally the raindrops on my face.

Last weekend in all the hustle and bustle of Easter festivities, I had to run to Walmart to grab a few things. I parked by the garden section and walked in. Immediately I was struck by the most beautiful scent. I stopped, looked around and found the culprit to be the Easter lilies & hyacinths on display. The sale clerk looked at me strangely but when I bent over the fragrant flowers I looked up again and smiled, and so did she.

Spring is often a season that comes and goes so swiftly here in Ohio. We are happy to usher out the snowy winter weather but often want to jump right into backyard bbq’s and pool parties. Spring is the in-between of boredom and fun times. Spring is often my favorite time of year.

It is often the perfect temperature for me: cool nights, warm days, jeans & t-shrit weather. It is also a season of renewal: flowers blooming, gardens being planted, baby animals everywhere. But most of all it is a time that we can and should sit down for a moment and just be.

So, I want you to do me a huge favor- stop what you are doing, walk outside or open a window. Let the warm sun hit your face while the fragrant blooms penetrate your senses and just be still. I promise, it is totally worth it.

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