Monday, June 21, 2010

May 13 - Up, up & away

May 13 - Up, up & away

1st leg CLE-Lax (5 hrs)

Adventure begins upon arrival at the airport. I get there the standard 2 hours early. Good thing I did because there were problems with out check-in and baggage. They were trying to check our bags only to Korea but we were supposed to have them check through to our final flight, Shanghai. When I explained this to the very helpful ticket manager they said they weren’t showing our flight to Shanghai. Fortunately, one of my travel mates arrived and I confirmed about the baggage and she got the same thing on her tickets. It took nearly 30 minutes to straighten it out. But, what would an adventure be without a hiccup or two.

We begin gathering at our gate, which was empty when we arrived. We settle in for the 40 or so minute wait to board. And, that’s where adventure #2 starts.

We take our seats on the sold out flight to LAX on a nice 737. TV (for a price) on the back of the head rests, nice seats for coach and friendly flight attendants. We sit, and sit, and sit and the pilot comes overhead and says we’re going to have a short delay due to a mechanical issue with the rear baggage compartment.

Ok, fair enough. So we wait and wait until he comes back on saying they had to move all the luggage to the front compartment that is would be a minute before we can back out of the gate. So again we wait and wait.

“Due to the weight shift we have to ask 12 passengers to volunteer to take the next flight to LAX at 11:NYC at 6pm. Plus side, you get $300 of airline bucks.”

Our group can’t reroute due to connections. We all patiently watch as no one volunteers. But then one gets up and after 30 minutes of begging they get 7 people to leave. Next they were going to start pulling the last to check in passengers list, and 1 of our group was on the list. Final the last 5 left and we taxied out, 1 hour and 24 minutes late.

Could be worse right?
Books read: Jen Lancaster (4stars)

Movies: Star Trek (2009) (4stars)

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