Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Becareful what you wish for

I am a living testament to this. In my last post I was whining about not having the energy or time to write blah blah… Well…just before Christmas I had some stomach flu like symptoms and left an hour early on Wednesday before Christmas. I came in for a few hours on Thursday but when the frequency of my trips to the bathroom increased I was sent home. I wasn't any better that night and missed my husband's birthday party. On Friday, I called in still not able to hold down food or even fluids. Working around pregnant women I thought it was best I not get them sick.

I had had a similar bout of these symptoms in late October (and missed 2 ½ days of work) I just assumed that it was me not being used to working in a germ filled environment. So I was sick over Christmas and finally able to hold down food on Christmas night. I went into work Tuesday after Christmas and it was a slow day and my supervisor was out. Went in the next morning and about 2 hours into the day I get called in to the office and told that due to my absences during my probationary period I would not be extended as an employee. That was the last day of my probation. So I was asked to turn in my badge and keys.

I started bawling like a baby. I started hyperventilating, said my good byes, gathered my stuff and left. Before I left I asked if it was something I did or if I was a good worker and she said it wasn't something I did and I was a good worker but policy is policy and they could keep me with that much missed work. So lesson learned even if I have stuff coming out of all openings still go into work.

Ironically I had a doctor's appointment because of the fact I still was sick so I went to it. Turns out I am diabetic, had yet another horrible kidney infection and my kidneys look to be in very early stages of kidney failure. So I did a bunch of blood work, have to check my sugars for the next six weeks as well as keep a diary of food, fluids, sugars, and symptoms so they can find a pattern.

The sucky thing is that with the loss of my job I lost my medical insurance. Isn't that just the luck I need, right? Well, my doctor is willing to work out payment plans on the visits and gave me samples of meds to get me through until something comes along. Thank God my father in law had an accu-check for me to use so I didn't have to buy one. I still haven't gone more then 48 hours with out being sick again. My sugars have been either really high or really low.

To add to it, my mother in law hates me. She can't even stand to be in the same room as me. She thinks I am running her sons life because I got fired again. And she won't listen to any reasons and how the two things while similar on dates are different in context. At first I thought it was just me being overly sensitive but when people around me commented and even my son asked why Grammy is mad, I am reassured it isn't just in my head. But what can you do? To quote a favorite song of mine "Just Breathe:."

That's all I can do. Unlike the last time I got booted, I am not angry and not depressed. Oh sure it sucks, but I have the confidence that I can find work again and be good at it, like I was there. I have to get healthy at the same time. I will find balance. So I am taking this time to write again and get some house cleaning done. I updated my website (actually I picked it Bripe updated it) and my myspace page. I will be on top again I promise….

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