Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Resolutions for 2007…

  • To live the best life I can: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively
  • To have a more active role in my health through exercise, proper eating, good nutrition and proper rest and relaxation
  • To live every moment as if it was my last long before it is since life is too short
  • To love with every fiber of my being
  • To challenge myself mentally, physically and spiritually
  • To laugh often and loudly (the good belly kind)
  • To cry as necessary allowing myself to feel what I am feeling no matter how uncomfortable it might make other feel
  • To hug lots
  • To read something everyday it helps the mind to grow
  • To write something every day as it is reading in reverse
  • To reconnect with old friends and make new ones
  • To put God #1 in my life because with out him nothing is possible

I am sure there are more in my brain but this is what came to me just now. What are your resolutions?

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