Saturday, January 13, 2007

Faith and Fame

When one seeks fame, much like life, one can choose a path of good or evil. Often that choice seems harder for the famous because the devil makes the narrow path full of temptation and materialistic. Even those who prior to fame were a good and faithful person stray when the easy and exciting lifestyle appears before them. It is like money is what they worship instead of God. That the bow at the alter of sin instead of bowing at the alter of Jesus. And not only do they bow, but they flaunt that world for all to see. How many times do we turn on the news only to hear the latest exploits of a celebrity, and not just daily but multiple times in a day.

We hear about sex tapes and lack of under garments, lies and drugs, but never once do we hear about some one going to church or feeding the homeless. Oh sure at the obligatory holidays we get photos of John Q. Famous attending a Christmas mass or giving out turkeys on Thanksgiving day, but how often is it a non-publicity event? Are celebrity's people of faith? Do they do something foundationally good for others when it doesn't serve their own needs? And if they are of faith is it for false Gods in things like Scientology where they worship according to a science fiction novel or is it based on something like the Q 'ran, Bible or Tanakh? Do they just wear red strings and pray for more success if do they pray for forgiveness and help in leading a good and faithful life as Jesus intended?

These are questions that have been circling in my head since I started walking in my path toward God. I ask this because I was someone that unintentionally worshiped these people as many of Americans do. Not in the full blown alter of my favorite rock start or movie star, but to the extent that I wanted to be them and know everything about them. I was more concerned with reading about their exploits then about reading the bible. Is that wrong? That is for you and God to decide, but I am taking the path away from that life.

The reason? The lack of good role models for not only myself, but for my children. I was teaching my children to worship these false idols by my actions. By letting them see me scour over the tabloids and watch ever show on celebrity on television I was showing them what was important to me. In contrast, now I am reading my bible in front of them as well as to them. I am attending church and being kind to others in their presence and in their absence. Doing this inadvertently shows them that these are the things that are good for them.

I have recently discovered a few good famous people in the world. Ones that are leading by example and not making sin glamorous. This is encouraging to see that not all celebrities are shallow and self-centered. One such shining example is Miley Cirus, also known as "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel. According to a recent article in the USA Today faith is a big part of Miley's life. She mentions that the only book she has been reading lately is Girl Talk With God, a book about a teen girl's conversations with God. Faith is "the main thing," she says. "That's kind of why I'm like here in Hollywood — to be like a light, a testimony to say God can take someone from Nashville and make me this, but it's his will that made this happen." Finally, someone my daughter can read about that doesn't involve partying and the latest eating disorder.

I hope more stories about people in the spotlight and their faith in God surface. It would be a much need change in the mass medias idea of importance, and the country's way of thinking.

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