Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm back....

At least I am until I get stressed out from work, school and life. I do that, shut down when I get stressed. I lose all my creativity, all my fire that drives my writing. It sucks, but I am learning to live with it, and improve on it.

We have been busy also. Johnathan has started t-ball and is pretty darn good. He has only ever played at home and this is his first time playing in organized sports. He is having a ball.

Well I am going to be updating my blogs with stuff I have written since I last posted. I also will be updating my website soon. I am switching formats and it takes awhile for me to get things converted and imported. So pardon the dust.

To all my friends who have been supporting me in the last few weeks, I love you all. And thanks for standing by me (and kicking my butt when necessary)

Finally, I am going to attempt to get writing again. I kinda quit sending out submissions when we were in the midst of our move and then getting settled and getting a job, (continue to insert excuse here) but time to get back in the game.

Ok, I am off to dig out my blogs to post on here. If I am on line say hi!


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