Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fruits of our labor

Fruits of our labor
Well, it is official -we have veggies!

On Sunday, we picked our first zucchini out of our jungle of squash. Then while weeding our flower beds I discovered that we had carrots too. Looks like the seeds that got knocked over made their way to the flower bed. We had 2 super sweet baby carrots and a few really tiny things that should have been carrots. While grilling out John sliced the Zucchini, added a little Tony's, and threw them on the grill.

Then on Monday I went out to do my daily watering and we had 3 more zucchini's and 1 yellow squash. We had them with dinner tonight, again sliced, spiced and grilled.

It looks like our tomatoes will be a huge food maker. We also have 3 baby watermelons that are almost ready to be picked.

This has been the most amazing, fun and rewarding experience. It has also been a family experience for us. We planted together, we water together, we watch it grow together, we pick it together, and we eat it together. Not many things now-a-days allows for this family togetherness.

Well, as we close our day up we count our blessings and are grateful for what we have and dream of what is to come.

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