Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Before another email arrives --yes, I am still alive....

Okay, okay, I know it has been a while since my last post and an even longer while since any long full-of-my-nonsense posts. It has been a crazy month!...

And where to start??

Many of you know that I had to return to a traditional 9-5 job due to lack of funds and losing our insurance when John's enlistment finished in September. Well it was a lonnnngggg and grueling job search because (as we have learned) Akron jobs are scarce. And finding one that is good paying, benefit giving and good hours of work are like finding diamonds in a pile of manure. But after a great deal of interviews, I landed an awesome job. I am now employed at the Women's Health Center (which is a part of Summa-formerly Akron City Hospital) as a full-time Certified Medical Assistant.

It is the first time I have worked in an OB/GYN setting and a month into it and I already know I am home. At first I was a little intimidated because I haven't worked in a clinical setting at any length since 2002. All of my work since was more on the administrative side of things. Plus, they were a very close knit group of girls who had been together for quite some time. But they have taken me under their wings as I jumped back in to tech'ing once again. It is feeling like riding a bike for the most part, I just needed to get back on without fear, and ride on. I am really proud to be apart of this great team and even more proud of the work that is being done at WHC.

There as only been one pitfall…literally….(see Ouchies!)

While it has been 3 weeks since my big fall I am still not 100%. My left lower leg (the one that took the brunt of the fall) has blood built up between the skin/fat and the muscle. It looks horrible and still hurts but I start therapy for it Friday so hopefully it will resolve soon.

Another reason you haven't heard or seen much of me lurking around is I am still going to school full time. I just finished the writing class I loved and have moved on to one I am not so fond of—Algebra II-yuck. Math is far from my strong point but I am working on that.

So let's see—I covered work, school---oh yeah family…
Well John is loving teaching and Johnathan is loving kindergarten. Johnathan is also taking tennis lessons and loving those as well. Erik and Amanda have been doing well in school and have been drawing some amazing sketches. Being around mom tons more then ever before has had its advantages and disadvantages, but nonetheless I am glad to be a more active part in their lives.

The weather here has turned really cold. In fact, we have has snow flurries off and on for about2 weeks now. Boogity and Lucy are not sure what to think of the white stuff coming out of the sky and the cold windows. My poor southern blooded Mustang is not happy either. Before too long we will be parking her until Spring. (Another good thing about the job is I am close to John's work so we can carpool in the winter and he has a 4x4 Ranger that can drive through anything).

Oh that is cats, kids, cars, work, school—what is left??...

My writing-well it should be more appropriately titled my lack-of-writing because I haven't had the _____________ (insert excuse here) to work on the writing. I know "Bad Shannon" but I am hoping this post will be a spark to get me going again. I have taped a bunch of ideas and additions to the book but actually sitting down and putting it down… is… well… non-existent (note to self: stop surfing myspace and write!!)

Oh well I think I have ya'll caught up with my drama….until later!
Hugs, Shannon

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