Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"I couldn’t help but wonder..."

I am not sure why, but I have been on this vintage clothing kick lately. Well, I guess you can't call it vintage if you already wore it once upon a life time ago, or can you?

I have been hitting the most awesome thrift stores lately and having a ball trying on outfits (or making fun of them). Yesterday, I had awesome luck at Goodwill on some fabulous suits and vintage tops. One of which I wore yesterday. It was bright and loud and pheasant style. Super comfy. I wore it with some Capri's and dress shoes. I stopped before in the ladies room on the way to the class I am teaching and it dawned on me why this new kick…I have been channeling my inner Carrie.

I have been watching the tons of "sneak peek" footage and pics from the filming of Sex and the City Movie and I realized how much I miss my gals. Crazy outfits and all. Guys have there car shows while I have my Sex and the City. Much like the men getting ideas on how to fix up their latest hot rod, I get ideas on how to fix up or even wake up my wardrobe.

So, in this crazy thing we call life sometimes ya gotta dig deep and play a part that is fun and different from your normal personal. It keeps you and others on their toes, as well as helps keep ruts at bay. So dust off your stilettos ladies…its time to dance!

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