Thursday, October 18, 2007

You think you know me.... Okay I've tagged! (Luv ya Sophie!!)

Okay I've tagged! (Luv ya Sophie!!)

8 Person Blog Each player starts with eight random facts/habits or embarrassing things about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

1. I wanted to be a teacher and writer most of my childhood. I let fear and lack of confidence keep me from doing this for 15 years. Now, I have just scratched the surface on both dreams.

2. I have always been afraid of heights, even to the point of panic attacks. Last month I rode to the top of the Skylon Tower in Niarga Falls, Canada (520 feet high) on an elevator that is outside the tower and glass. Once on top I went to the open air observation deck and looked out to the falls and the cities around me and for the first time I felt a sense of freedom not fear. Sure my knees were shaking, but I felt free. I even went to the edge and looked down. I am not saying it cured my hieghts fear, but it did teach me that in order to not let the fear of something hold me back, you have to look it in the eyes and charge it down.

3. I love animals. Any shape, color, size, breed, etc... So much so I wanted to keep the mouse we found in our kitchen as a pet.

4. I am addicted to myspace. nuff said

5. I love music. I don't care what kind, genre etc it is from, I want to hear it. I may not be able to tell you what band is playing, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Right now I am listenting to a smooth jazz station in the car, new age at work, country on my mp3 player and hiphop at home. I let my mood dictate the music which then dictated my mood. May not make sense to you but it does to me. :) I am also a lyrics hog. I have notebooks of lyrics that have been important to me and parts of my life. Songs that I wrote down as far back as when I was 14 years old and had to press stop then rewind on my cassette player.

6. I dream of going to Paris, Tuscany, London and Dublin (and every town in between) sooner rather then later.

7. I love being a mom! I am far from perfect and I am ok with that. I know how far I have come from a blue print I was handed by family. I have my neighbor growing up and Mrs. Pat for that. I also owe alot to my mother in law and sister in law. THey are great examples in all that they do.

8. If I had a choice to do anything for a day it would be to sit on a beach, basking in the sun, watching my children and husband play while I read a book unintereupted.

That's the end of getting to know Shannon a little better with 8 Facts. Now who's the lucky folks!

1. Sara - My sister, my friend. We need to get together before the boys grow up on us!!

2.Heather- I miss you!! We need to invent a teleporter machine from your house to mine so we can see each other more!!

3.Sammie - You are my mini me! I love you like a sister, daughter, friend. I am supposed to be your mentor you have taught me so much.

4. Nicole - It has been only 5 minutes since we graduated right?!?! Not the 18 years of grey hairs and aching joints that my calendar says...miss you!!!

5. CK- you are more important to me and the family then you will ever know. You are my hero and if I am a fraction the amazing person you are I will be happy. I love ya like a sister Tina!!

6.Rachael Rachael -7. Miku 8. Mary Beth - you ladies have been like lil sisters to me for most of my life. You are the most amazing and beautiful women I know. I am forever grateful to have found you once again.

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