Monday, October 1, 2007

October Begins...

I have to admit I love this time of year; the cool breeze, leaves changing, football, just cool enough to wear your favorite cozy sweatshirt and jeans. At night you need an extre blanket because leaving the windows open makes you snuggle more. Playing outside doesn't cause you to get all sweaty. Long walks gathering leaves for fall school projects are fun. Hiking with the family is a lesson in nature and the world around us. You begin to discover hidden nooks around the towns you live in as you step in to warm up and have a cool drink. Life slows down again for the last time before the winter holidays are upon us. The daylight is shorter so you tend to be at home with the family earlier then in summer. Dinners of chili and homemade chicken soup begin as well as baked goods. Having the windows open allows the smells of the yumminess fill the neighborhoods. Campfires in back yards are starting up. Smores and scary stories are being gobble up. Fall is a great time of reflection. We watch children go off to school and can remember our school days. We watch the big homecoming game with this new generation but yet can recall where we were for our homecoming. As the apple trees and pumpkins are ready to be picked the ciders and pies become plenty. So on this first day of October I raise my hot cocoa to all the sprits of fall and the beauty they bring.

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