Monday, January 7, 2008

A shopping we will go…

Ok after work today I headed out in search of brown boots. Why? Because I only have black boots and how fair is it to my brown outfits not to have their very own boots?

Well I was originally going to head to Target since they generally have a decent footwear selection for an affordable price. Instead, my dear friend Aviva suggested I give Macy's a try because they were having sales and she had some fierce red boots on today. So since they were in the same neighborhood I headed in that direction.

I walked into Macy's and the aroma of the leather from the purses and shoes was rather intoxicating. Mind you I haven't spent a lot of money on shoes or purses in a long time so the smell was like chocolate for my nose.

After much trying alas there were no brown boots in my size and budget so I headed to the mall itself in hopes of finding the boots of my dreams. I stopped into JC Penny's and they had a great boot for a great price but alas not my size or even close. I gather my purse and trek onward.

I was heading in the direction of Payless (a great last resort because they have decently cheap shoes that will generally last a season or two before needing replaced) when I noticed they opened a Charlotte Russe Store. I was ready to do cartwheels! I hadn't seen one of these since living in New Orleans! It was one of my (and Krista's) favorite stores. They always are having ridiculous sales and have the best accessories for next to nothing. I walked in and the angel at the counter greets me, "Welcome! Our boots are on sale for $14.99." I was in heaven.

Sure enough they had THE boot, and in my size! Not only that but they had this amazing sale on shoes and sitting there staring me in the face where the most beautiful brown patent Mary Jane pumps I had ever seen. I summoned the wonderful clerk who found me the amazing boots and begged her bring this to me in every color in my size. Unfortunately there were only two colors in my size, black and brown, and they were both mine! They were regularly $22.99 and on sale for 30% off! If that wasn't awesome enough the black pair was the last in stock so I got it for 50% off!!!

That is right I got boots, black paten Mary Jane's and brown paten Mary Jane's all for a whopping $42.57! Can you believe it!!! I almost paid just that for boots at Macy's! And I like these better!!

So my proud self headed home so I could share the good news on how awesome a store Charlotte Russe can be, but wait maybe I should keep this secret to myself.

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