Thursday, June 26, 2008

A new focus...

In an effort to get me blogging again, my brain got the idea to become a tell-all and whine alot about the Semi-City I work in and live near, Akron, OH.

So my blog will be witty and funny and at times more serious then others, but over all fun.

Hope that you enjoy the adventures of Shannon in the Semi-City!

After dreaming of living and working in a big city,wearing fashionable clothes and to-die-for shoes,I wound up in the Semi-City of Akron, OH.

Now mind you, compared to the city I grew up in (Kiln, MS pop. 4,445 in 2000) is a monster of a city with a population within the city limits of 217,000, but it is Semi-City in that compared to cities like Chicago (pop. 2,896,016 in 2000), or New York City (pop. 8,008,278 in 2000), or even its neighbor Cleveland (pop. 478,403). But life is far from boring in this area!

There are tons of things to do, places to eat great food and sidewalks to walk around urine smelling vagrants. Ah, Akron (and the burbs that accompany) you are my Semi-City.

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