Friday, June 27, 2008

Small victories are still sweet ones

I just came across a story from Biloxi, MS (near where I grew up) that said that a couple that was sueing its insurance company for not paying on their claim for the destruction of thier property during Hurricane Katrina actually one their case. They weren't going all crazy asking for billions of dollars, only what the policy should have paid for the damages in the first place. Finally, some justice for the little guy.

Jury Returns Verdict In USAA Insurance Case

PASCAGOULA (WLOX) -- Friday morning, a jury awarded almost a million dollars to a Pascagoula couple suing USAA Insurance. James and Gladys Lisanby sued the USAA for paying them less than $42,000 on their $800,000 homeowners policy.

USAA's lawyers argued the couple's policy did not cover water, even if it is wind driven. But the jury ruled that the insurer should have paid more on the couple's claim.
The jury ordered USAA to pay $909,641 to the couple for damage to their home, garage and cottage.

After the verdict was read, the judge dismissed the jury until
Monday when punitive damages against USAA will be considered. Danielle Thomas is in Pascagoula covering this story and will have more later today on WLOX News.

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