Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Maybe we will share a birthday?!?!

I love Angelina. I don't care that she gets crappy action scripts thrown at her or that she gets bad reviews, I just adore her to pieces. With her soon to popout tots due any moment, I wonder if I will get to share my birthday with the twins. I love sharing my birthday with others, afterall I share it with the United States of America.

Brangelina Babies Almost Out!
Today 11:00 AM PDT by
Independence Day is coming early for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's latest spawn.
E! News has confirmed that the
Oscar-winning actress has checked into a French hospital to deliver her
A source at the Lenval Hospital in Nice told E! News that Jolie was
admitted to a private room in the maternity wing Monday evening at around 10
p.m. local time.
Jolie is expected to remain in the $500-per-night private
room (with a sea view, of course) until after her twins are born.
lovely, and the nurses pay attention to your every need," Lucie Coleman, a Nice
resident who recently gave birth to twins at the hospital, told E! News. "The
rooms are lovely and airy, with views out over the sea, and they have
televisions and private bathrooms."
And Jolie's treatment while in the
hospital will, by the sound of it, be top-of-the-line.
"The food menus are
healthy—things like chicken with asparagus and pasta and fresh fruit—and she'll
be delivered her meals three times a day in bed. And if she feels like a snack
or drink at 3 a.m., they'll get it for her.
"Going in early before a birth
with twins is very common in France, as the final weeks are so hard
There was no immediate comment from the couple's reps.
though France's Closer tabloid jumped the gun earlier this morning,
announcing that Jolie had already given birth, they have since retracted the
statement, claiming Jolie instead is biding her time in the hospital and not
expected to give birth until later this week.
(Originally published on July
1, 2008 at 9:35 a.m.)

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