Wednesday, July 2, 2008

37…what a lovely number…

This year for my birthday I have decided to make a list of 37 things I want, no have to do before my 38th birthday next July 4th. I am going to use this opportunity to live out dreams both big and small and not let fear, of any sort, hinder my chance to do the things on my list.

To keep me honest on completing the tasks, I will blog about each adventure. I will also give a bit of a back story on why I have or haven’t attempted these things before. Sometimes it is because I was too chicken to do them or to anxiety ridden to concur these things. But as a promise to myself I will do these things no matter what. I may not do them in the order I am going to list them, but I will do them.

Besides, as you can see, my horoscope for today says so: Since the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, you are particularly attuned to her cycles. Today's New Moon in your sign is like your personal New Year's Day. This is an opportunity to make a list of resolutions. Imagine what you want to bring to fruition at the Full Moon in a couple of weeks. Also visualize your goals for the next six months. Plant the seeds of intention in your imagination, nurture them carefully and watch them grow.

Stay tuned for my list…

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Teena in Toronto said...

Happy birthday!

Happy blogoversary!