Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Part 1: Its my party and I'll Cry if I Want to...

The day before my birthday I posted that I was going to list 37 things that I wanted to do before my 38th birthday. I started to create this list and really didn't get that many things listed. This topped with a really, really bad last day at my day job before embarking on an 18 hour journey and lets say I was beginning to not look forward to my birthday.

After taking a few happy pills and breathing into a paper bag I calmed down by the time we got to Columbus. I was finally letting the waves of vacation begin to wipe away the horrible treatment on that day of work. I dozed off by Cincinnati and the next thing I knew we were in Alabama and it was July 4th. John stopped to take a nap and whispered happy birthday to me. The sun was trying to come up and something inside me realized that this wasn't just the beginning of a new day or a new birth year but a beginning of a new me.

I woke up briefly when we got on the road again. We had about 7 hours left to drive and poor John did every last mile. One good thing about driving at night was all three kids slept through nearly the entire drive, one bad thing is poor John will be exhausted by the time we get to my parents.

I dozed back off and woke up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Hungry and time for a potty break we all got out and stretched our legs at a truck stop. I love truck stops because of all the cool things you can find there. I quickly snatched up some Bama gear for my Dad and my new collecting obsession, a shot glass, and headed on our way back to the car.

I noticed that I had about 40 messages on my Blackberry from my myspace page. I started reading through them and they were all wishes of a happy birthday from all over the country and world. I was so touched and floored for that matter that I showed John as I began to tear up. I was so touched that so many people took the time out of their holiday to say happy birthday to me. We got back in the truck and I could feel even more that this was going to be the best trip and year ever.

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