Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Gaps in postings

I want to play catch up of sorts. My last real post was for my birthday and I left it unfinished. I also wanted to tell everyone about the awesome vacation and before I could I returned to work to be unjustly fired for what I can’t say due to pending lawsuits I am pursuing. Then I went into what I like to call “lock down mode,” which is when I shut down and go on auto pilot in order to self preserve. It is kind of a form of shock. Now that I have had a week to recover and regroup, I want to fill in those posts. So I will be playing catch up today.

First, I have to go clean house and play with Johnathan. But I want to leave you with a little something to think about. It came to me in my daily newsletter about meditation. I have been trying to learn to do it to help deal with the enormous amount of stress I was under at my day job. Today’s focus was perfect and I want to share it with you:

The only way to keep the mind pure is by constantly scrubbing it of the opinions that accumulate like grime.

So, as I go scrub grime out of my kitchen, I am mentally scrubbing the grime of my thoughts. Once again I am choosing positive thoughts over self doubt. If you have tools that you use to keep on this path, feel free to share them. I am always opened to new ways of thinking.

Peace and love to all,

PS: On a totally random note, I am sad that Avatar is over. L I love that cartoon.

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