Friday, August 1, 2008

Part 4: End of the world as we know it….

I can’t go into details about that day due to current situations. But I will say I was terminated and sent home by 1:00 p.m.

I went down to my friend and hairdresser’s shop on the first floor and cried for a while. She told me as she hugged me good bye, “everything happens for a reason.” I have heard that so many times before when things were going on, but for some reason I believed it this time.

I went home and told the kids and John. I immediately started brain storming on what I would need to do to help out with expenses since we were minus my income.

In the days that followed the termination I had a massive yard sale. I had been planning on doing one anyway and after seeing Erik’s clean and clutter-free house, I wanted to trim the fat so to speak.

Cool thing with having a yard sale was that not only did I get rid of lots of stuff I didn’t need/use, but I made $100 and got an awesome tan.

Luckily we had a plan in place in case of emergency and at least for a month or two we are ok with $$. I will be going grocery shopping for the next month or so and cooking all our meals. This will save money and help out John who has been doing all the cooking for the last, well forever.

I also have plans to attack the house, rearrange and purge things, this will keep my hands busy thereby keeping my mind busy so it can’t think about the fact we just lost a huge chunk of income with me losing my job, plus we have no health insurance for me or Johnathan.

My brain is spinning…until next time…

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