Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well I'm going to do it.

Well I'm going to do it.

I'm putting it out there for the world to see.

I'm setting a goal not a weight goal because that is just a number. I'm setting a lifestyle change goal.

I want to feel good & look good. I want to not only look half my age but feel half my age.

And my reward (besides the obvious awesomeness) is a tattoo from the famed Gas Chamber Inc in NC.

So it’s a road trip plus being tatted by Shannon Moore’s crew. (I may also get a piercing or two as well) I've always wanted to get tattoo but have always been too chicken to get one. Now I’ll use it a permanent marker of what I've accomplished.

I will post before-during-after pictures, as well as the trials and tribulations along the way for all to see. Something that freaks me out but I know will ultimately give me strength in the end.

Overcoming mental fears are as powerful as getting a better lifestyle.

So why all the dramatics? Because I am very good at starting and very bad at follow through. Especially when it is something hard for me. I will self sabotage myself every step of the way and not reach my goal no matter how bad I really want it.

Whether it is finishing a project that has great potential to push my career to the next level or to get really healthy again I find some way to f&#k it up.

But this time I really want this really bad. I need this really bad. Not just for physical health reasons, but mental health as well. I need to prove to myself I have what it takes again.

So as I push myself I beg of you please push me too. If I fall off the wagon, chastise me but tell me to push through and get back on. I need this. I will forever be indebted to those willing to help me in this endeavor.

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