Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Foolishness

First, I want to wish my awesome sister-in-law a Happy Birthday. She will be greatly tormented tonight which is part of being born on April Fools day in my husbands family.

Second, I mentioned in a quick tweet/status update that I was trying something new. And well, I did.

I tried out an herbal body wrap. With fingers crossed and mummified feeling I wanted to try something to help reduce the water retention I have been battling with since 2004. Doctors have tried and tested everything (when I had insurance) and nothing was working.

Some times I am less poofy then others and sometimes I am uber poofy. Lately its been uber poofy. With my trip in 47 days I need to get it under control or I will look like Violet from Willy Wonka minus the blue.

So, I tried this with hopes of something magical and in a way it was.

I lay wrapped in ace-like bandages and in a plastic suit on a warm cozy bed under soft blankets. Lights were dimmed and the music was soothing. I drifted away for the 45 minutes of soaking.

The bandages came off and I got measured - 4 inches gone! What?! I was stunned. I knew I wouldn’t be a rail again but I was able to see results. I have 3 more before I leave. My wrap artist suggested due to the obviousness of the water retention that I try a sauna too. I mentioned I don’t sweat, I swell, and she said I might break through this with the combo of both of the herbal treatment, lots of water, lots of sweating and better diet.

I am willing to try it, after all it can’t hurt.

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