Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Change of Scenery

Sometimes all we need is a simple change of scenery to change our outlook on things.

I’ve heard Jimmy Buffet preach that through many of his songs, and did notice what scenery made my day brighter.

I know living near water is my favorite, I am a water sign, so it makes sense. I also know that sunshine has a huge impact on my life. Warm vs. cold, rainy vs. gloomy, the list could go on.

This was a LONG, cold, gloomy and snow filled winter. It took a toll on my brain and zapped much of my energy. I know this because the minute we are sunny and barely warm, I come alive again. My brain sings.

Since I have to wait until May 13th to get a true change of scenery, I have created myself (with the carpentry skills of my wonderful husband) a mini change in scenery, my new study nook.

It sits in front of my bedroom window where I can watch the birds sing and bounce around the feeders. I can also see the sunshine or even the rain should I choose to. It isn’t a distracting space, but a functional and productive one.

Before, I was doing homework on my bed or on the living room couch, It was making me more unmotivated and even more tired then I already was. I needed a quiet place where I could practice my Chinese and put my thoughts to paper. It is all that and more.
(before empty space under window)

Inspired by my Chinese themed bedroom, I continued the clean lines, incorporated my favorite vases as organizational tools and even moved my bamboo plant to the desk top.

In the incredible design (a husband original) I have storage underneath for extra supplies, books I use for research and a book of clips that I may use in the future for story ideas.

Total cost for my transformation $25. He converted an old laundry folding table he built many moons ago into two parts. The upper desk and the lower shelf. Its only big expense (aside from the 3 hours he put into it) was the 2x4s used for the base and legs.

                                                                                   (close up after)

I found an Asian style tablecloth to cover the rough wood for a mere $5 at Wal-Mart. All the desk accessories are repurposed from other parts of the house.

By forcing me to sit upright to work, my posture and attitude improves. Watching the birds brings me peace, having my treasure surrounding me gives me security. So, essentially it is priceless.

I’d like to leave you with a question, what have you done during these tough economic times to help change your scenery? Did you create a special space for yourself? Did you repurpose items you had giving them new life?

Feel free to comment or send me a tweet with your scenery change. If you have a scenery challenge, send me what it is and maybe I and my fellow readers can help you find ’your’ space.

Until next time,


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Suzanne said...

I tend to start tossing things when I need a change of scenery. Empty space is thinking space for me.

I have a painting project planned for this summer. Paint's cheap, it just takes time and preparation.

I love your space!