Sunday, May 2, 2010

Authentic self, or at least the authentic hair of ones self.

So, today as I was running around getting errands accomplished and trying to create a mental to-do-list in my head of everything I needed to accomplish before leaving in a week and some change.

Show hubs how to pay bills online, give copies of documents to family members, write down addresses for actual written correspondences, get hair trimmed and colored…at that moment I got this clear vision. I decided to take a huge bold step for me.

I going to not color or cut my hair, not for this trip maybe not even this summer. I mean I am taking the summer off from the “college” scene so I can let my hair down so to speak.

But, for me it is allowing the natural process of going grey have its way. No super duty hide the grey coloring with highlights in case they happen to not give in to their chemical torturing. Nope, for the first time in at least 20 years I am just gonna let au natural be the rule.

I may change back to snazzy new do and dark locks before classes start, but for this summer of getting into my core, into my real me I think this small step and change in mind-set that grey is ok, might just go a long way.

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