Monday, February 11, 2008

Je suis l'apprentissage du français.(I am learning French.)

Je suis l'apprentissage du français.
Pourquoi, me direz-vous. Parce que je veux.

I am learning French. Why you may ask. Because I want to!

I have been dreaming of strolling down the streets of Paris for quite some time now. I have been fascinated by the French language and culture for what seems like a lifetime. Thanks to things like Sex and the City, Moulin Rouge and Paris, je t'aime my interest has been intensified.

I have become addicted to the French club music on and have checked out several books, cd's and cassettes to learn French. I never took it in high school so I am literally teaching myself.

I love the sound of the words as the roll of the tongues of natives. My husband calls it the language of phlegm while I think it is exquisite.

So I will continue my occasional comments in very poor French as I dance my way through this rich and romantic language.

(Donc je continuerai mes remarques occasionnelles en très mauvais français que je danse mon chemin à travers cette langue riche et romantique.)

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