Monday, April 28, 2008

Am I biting off more then I can chew?

Am I biting off more then I can chew?

In the merry merry month of May I have decided to teach again at night. So in addition to working at the “day job’ from 8-5 M-F, I am going to teach Human Disease from 6-10 M, T, & Th from April 28 (tonight) through May 22.

In addition I am trying to launch my home based freelance business and set up for my summer business of crafting and gift baskets with my daughter. I also plan on listing items on eBay, which entails cleaning out my closets (which desperately need it) taking pictures and actually listing stuff on eBay.

Also, baseball season for my youngest son has started. So a lot of my time off will be there watching him develop his skills so he can be a pro football and baseball playing doctor, lawyer, Indian chief when he grow up.

So between grading papers, setting up lesson plans and correcting batting stances I also am becoming a BeautiControl consultant. Which I love because I love the spa products, but I also spend a ton on the stuff (because I love it so much) so why not get it at a discount right?

I also have my awesome cousin Tamara coming in town this week (love ya girl!), mothers day celebrations at my awesome mother-in-laws, an Cleveland Indians game for little league night, I am now on the advisory committee where I teach, Erik and Amanda are with me every weekend (I love you guys!!) and it is time to get my veggies started for the garden.

In all of my craziness I would in no way be able to have so many things on my plate if it weren’t for my awesome husband John. He cooks, cleans and runs Johnathan everywhere. He helps coach the baseball team, handles snack night, has dinner ready for me and hugs me when I need hugged. He is the perfect husband and I am infinitely grateful for him. Without him my craziness would be insanity. I love you hunny!

Well, I better get to work because the day job is still my major source of income. But one day soon I shall be free! Lol Until then I must go type a roster.

Love, Shannon

PS if I am slow to respond to emails, phone calls, IM’s, or posts I am sorry. I will have my blackberry with me all the time I just may not be able to answer right away. But know that I still love you.

PSS if you need me for a gig in May the sooner you can let me know when the better because I am filling up fast! 

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