Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So May is nearly over with, and it is still cold here in Ohio. We have been waking up to the mid-40’s for a week or more now. Thanks Global Warming!

Well, tonight is my last night teaching. It is finals night and you’d think I was the one taking it as much as I have had dreams about it. It has been a great class with great students. I will miss them all. I also found out that due to new regulations this might be my last class for a while because they want Masters Degrees for their instructors now. I laugh at that because none of the current staff has one and the Associates Degree I got from them won’t even transfer into my Bachelors Program. By next fall they will be scrambling yet again for teachers and I will get a call again.

John and I attended an "Adult Focus" day at The University of Akron last weekend. It was great. John is going back this fall for his Bachelors in Technical Education and is only 46 credits away from graduating. I am still not sure what I will do. I have to wait for them to evaluate all my transcripts so I can see the shortest path to something I want to be when I grow up. Seeing how I approaching 40 fast, I need to figure that out quickly.

My day job is survivable. So no news at this point is good news.

We are still planning on going to MS in July. We are planning on leaving OH July 3 and arriving July 4th. We will stay until the Thursday after then head up to Tamera’s in TN for a few days. Then we will head back to OH for work Monday. This is all barring we don’t have to take out a loan to fill our tanks.
While there we are planning on at least on day in New Orleans, one day or night at the casinos, and a couple at the beach. I miss the water desperately so I am content with just sitting in the beach and soaking up the sights and sounds even if I can’t get in the water. I haven’t been back down since 2 months after the storm so I am anxious to see the changes and hopefully to see the area alive again.

Any friends that want to get together while I am in town email me at and I will send you my cell number. Seafood and beer are optional! Lol

Let’s see what else is going on in my little world?

Johnathan once again had taken to baseball like a fish to water. He love it and is really good at it. I will try to get some pictures posted now that I have some time to go through them and upload them.

He is also winding down his last days of first grade! I can’t believe how fast it goes by. He is reading at a 3rd grade level and doing math at 4-5th grade level. So I have my brother reincarnated. Lol

Speaking of time flying Erik (my son) is winding down his first year in high school. He is an extremely talented computer artist and draws the most amazing comic books. He is quite the student in school too finishing off his 9th grade year on the honor roll. He is in an amazing school that has different "tracks" you can take depending on what you what to do with your postsecondary education. He is in the computer and graphic arts track and loving it. This was also his first year on his own in school as Amanda was still at the Jr High (they call it middle school here). He was a part of the Science Olympiad Team that made it to State this year.

Amanda is finishing her 8th grade year even more certain that she will be an engineer. We attended the Women in Engineering Program sponsored by Goodyear again this spring. She loves math and science and art. All things needed to be an engineer. She also is finishing the year on honor roll and a part of the Science Olympiad team. She placed 6th at the events at state.

Our other children, Fat Lucy and Boogity are doing well too. Lucy finally broke the 20lb mark. And Boogie is still her crazy self.

Well, now that I have caught everyone up, I wanted to say thanks for all your kind words while I was sick. Also, thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I hope now that I am down to one job I can get on line and send everyone a personal thanks and hello.

PS: I told ya’ll Whitney would win! HA! Curvy girls rule!

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