Saturday, April 26, 2008

It’s finally spring-like here!!

The nights are still cool but the days are getting sunnier and warmer. I can see the first signs of the bulbs I planted last year pushing their way through the earth. It reminds me of how much spring is a time of renewal.

Just as the animals shed their winter fur, we humans take the time out to spring clean. We try to air out the house as well let in fresh, warm spring air. Once again watching the birds come to the bird feeders as we listen to their beautiful songs.

Where most people use the New Year as their time of resolutions and planned actions, I use the spring season as my jumpstart on to the year. It is hard for me to make plans for much when the weather is bleak, cold and often snow filled. But I get refreshed and have my creative juices flowing like a babbling brook (an emphasis on babbling )

With the weather warming my life also gets busier. At my day job spring and summer are the busiest times of the year. Also, my youngest son starts baseball in the next few weeks and do to me trying to earn extra money I am teaching three evenings a week from April 28- May 22.
This weekend it was amazing how the bleak and bare trees suddenly began to come to life with buds of flowers and leaves. It is definitely spring here.

I am also noticing many different birds at my 8 bird feeders (what can I say I love to watch birds) but my favorite is the pair of cardinals. We had a pair that we lovingly call momma and papa when we were in North Carolina. Johnathan thinks they followed us here. So the new cardinals are now named as well.

There is something about spring that makes me feel alive again. Like there are so many possibilities available. How does spring effect you?

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